Monthly Archives: January 2018

Episode 7 – Tonsil scrote, panic attacks, Adam Sandler, Weens dude update, Europe trip, Bag of Shame

Tonsil scrotes panic attacks LA life Adam Sandler Jesus Weens dude update Europe trip Wisconsin love David Bowie concert Sting tour bus Bag of Shame Last Man on Earth kids gardens nutrition eating disorders vegan vs meat Germany Weens on the road

Episode 6 – Drunk mouse, celebrity meetings, pubic wigs, James Franco, Aziz Ansari, #MeToo, The Dong Reaper

Mouse gets saucy Weens describes celebrity meetings on set James Franco talk merkin mouse stripteasing gone wrong The sisters recall New York trip to Conan OBrien show with George Wendt Limp Bizkit and Kid Rock Add in Lucky Changs drag show and the Dong Reaper on the subway and weve got a party Please excuse the peeing noises in the background Mouse was drunk

Episode 5 – Celebrity stalking, defining Barker, foot pit hate, moose knuckles

Weens confesses to stealing Mouses stuff We discuss odd celebrity crushes stalking 90s celebrities life dreams foot anti fetishes armpit disgust pheromones camel toes moose knuckles the real definition of a barker David Bowie and his musicians and more fun stuff

Episode 2 – Cropdusting, horoscopes, and grandparents boobs

Its time for girls to take back their bowels loud and proud Hear about Mouses embarrassing gas Weens art of cropdusting and judgy moms We recall some passive aggressive stories sprinkle in some horoscope talk then delve right into the deep deep subject of grandparents sexy movies and boobs