Monthly Archives: May 2018

Episode 20 – David Bowie: An Interview with Musical Director Angelo “Scrote” Bundini

Meet Weens colleague and friend Scrote He is the musicaldirector for the Celebrating David Bowie world tour as well as an inspirationalmusician and human being We learn the story of how this celebratory tour cameto be and Scrote shares stories about David Bowie and what he learned about thislegendary icon along the way This is a special interview for Bowie fans andmusic history buffs but is also a reminder to all of us to act on what is meaningful to collaborate and to persevere through the negative in order to bringpositive changes to others Enjoy our special edition and please reach out withquestions and comments to celebratingdavidbowie dot com and mouseandweens at gmail dot com

Episode 19 – Strange Dad Memories, Weens Online Dating, Mouses Chili Peppers Story

We dabble a little with religion talk and then get into some kooky memories of our sweet dad Sleep positions come up which logically leads right into misspellings and grammar Weens divulges her latest love life status and tells some amazing online dating stories the favorite being Gun Trunk Mouse gets into her dating history and recalls the glam rock 90s Then we hear the Red Hot Chili Peppers story of Mouse getting a gun held to her head which is not a funny story We talk about feminism self defense and teaching girls to be kick ass Weens has a good self defense move from her job volunteering with the elderly the goose poke See Weens parody commercial on our You Tube channel and hear some of her guitaring funnies throughout the episode Wahooeey

Episode 18 – Weens Talks Puck, Real World, Housewives

We catch up on our social lives and hearabout Mouses Cinco de Oucho party Weens reminisces about the Bay Area funkscene in the early 90s and gets into some stories about her friend Puck beforehe was famous during and after his fame on The Real World San Francisco Shegives her thoughts on the world of reality TV from being on the sets of The RealWorld and Housewives Learn about our connection to the Real Housewives of OrangeCounty and hear Mouse defend her love of reality television and escapism Writein to join the conversation and be featured in our next episodemouseandweensgmailcom Outro music by Weens Mama Soul

Episode 17 – Korean Day Spa

An uncomfortably close coffee shop hangout turns into a discussion about kids hobbies a sisterly confrontation about why we didnt get along in middle school or high school and brief thoughts on psychic connections Then we delve into spa memories which inspires us to go to a Korean Spa the following day We report back with all of the gory naked details but have a few funny introspective revelations too Write to us at mouseandweensgmailcom with topics and we will talk about you