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Episode 22 Interview with Angelo Moore of Fishbone Dr Madd Vibe and Brand New Step

Weens has dinner with her friend Angelo Moore the lead singer and musician best known for his band Fishbone You will hear one of LAs most creative talented and funky men discuss his thoughts on the world today He talks about how he got into the spirit of David Bowie on tour and we hear from his stylist Michele Harper on costuming Dr Madd Vibe gives his feelings on racism politics but mostly gets down and dirty with his corned beef Hear all of his upcoming musical projects and tours with Brand New Step Fishbone Dr Madd Vibe and the Missin Links and the Celebrating David Bowie world tour This is one of musics great original artists Dont miss it Song credits Weens and Angelo Moore Used with permission

Episode 21 Sex Ed in Schools

Puberty BO and penis oh my Mouses kids are going through sex ed in their health classes so we hear what they have to say The twelve year old also talks about a transgender student and Mouse relates community concerns We recall our own sex ed schooling and compare memories and PMS patterns Join in to discuss parent porn fears and how you learned where babies come from