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Exes, Breakups, and What We Can Learn

E107 – Ex boyfriends, ex girlfriends, ex spouses. We get into the stories, complaints, and sorrows about ours and other listeners’ exes. Some are funny, some are just plain mean, and some we can all relate to! What are different types of breakups and how to deal with each? What are the types of ex boyfriends (or girlfriends) and what can we learn from them? Hear some great dating stories, some where-are-they-now tales, and even one ex who ended up on the tv show Intervention. Find out whether it was Mouse or Weens who got cheated on or who went on a date to stake out John Gotti! We dive into these topics just like we dive into boxers with both feet at the same time! You can’t miss this episode!

Thanks to everyone who wrote in with their personal memories, and special thanks to Dave from The Airwolf Years, to Chad from The Perfect Package Podcast and Down to Folk, and to patron Joyce, yes our sweet mom, for choosing this topic!

Song credits:
Mouse and Weens theme music, written and performed by Julianne Eggold
“2 Minutes” written by Julianne Eggold. Performed by Dan Mahony and Julianne Eggold
“Chocolate Eyes” written by Julianne Eggold. Performed by Dan Mahony
Voice actor: Matt Thompson
Promo: The Airwolf Years https://ciampaklein.com
Mentions: Pop Up Filmcast, The Picture Show with Austin and Phil Rood, The Perfect Package Podcast, Down To Folk

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Celebrity stalking, defining Barker, foot pit hate

Ep5 – Weens confesses to stealing Mouse’s stuff. We discuss odd celebrity crushes, stalking 90’s celebrities, life dreams, foot anti-fetishes, pheromones, body parts, the real definition of a barker, David Bowie and his musicians, and more fun stuff! This episode is archived and only available on www.patreon.com/mouseandweens Thank you for supporting our podcast!