Monthly Archives: April 2018

Episode 16 – Are Millennials Into Cougars or Just Open Minded?

Thisis a fun one digging in to Weens dating life and pondering the May Decemberromance phenomenon she keeps seeing as we hear clips of Tyrese a young PA whoasked her out In between we share nude beach stories discuss female anatomyand lightly cover marriage and divorce Then we hear some behind the scenes stories ofSpencer Pratt Heidi Montag and give our thoughts on 15 minutes of fame andthe Kardashians Weens explains to Mouse how movie negotiations start off and which comes firstthe actor or the money Music outro credits Jam With My Butter by Weens

Episode 15 – Garry Shandling

We interview our mom about her personal Garry Shandling story after we watched the Judd Apatow documentary The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling The story leads to our dads historyas a football player who went from the University of Arizona to the New YorkJets to the New England Patriots in the 1970s Our mom tells the story oftheir relationship and gives her feelings on our dads motivations and struggles By our final discussion we endup seeing a lot of parallels between Garry Shandling and our father who also went into the entertainment industry Weens shares her thoughts on acting achievement and self sabotage Its another episode toget to know us and our family This is usfolks We are being ourselves and we hope you gain something from it too Music is Palmetto Bug Stomp written by Weens performed by Angelo Moore Connect with us at mouseandweensgmailcom

Episode 14 – Deep Thoughts

Get to know our seriouser side even though thats not a word Weens commuteshome through LA while Mouse deals with mom guilt and effing up her kids Wewonder if our life paths were set as kids baby Weens as a creative writer andbaby Mouse as a caretaker We hit the hot hot topics of weather traffic androad raging in teeny vehicles then delve into Southern California wildfiresand a little more selfanalysis just to lighten things up What do you do whenfriends and family show their political colors Weens talks about seeing lifethrough an actors eyes a writers eyes or from a givenoeffs perspectiveWe discuss friendships ending over Facebook fights and when to be right orwhen to be kind And we end on the light light subject of what is the purposeof life Song credits Song for the Psycho by Weens Enjoy our deep thoughts and please reach out with yours too Wed loveto hear from you at mouseandweensgmailcom