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Episode 13 – Mouse Finds Her Anus!

Sometimes you just have to go there We discuss poop and parenting wiping methods and get into a bit of anatomy We ask the hardhitting questions Do women have taints Is there hair on a taint What is your wiping technique Do you have embarrassing stories with your inlaws PLEASE WRITE IN mouseandweensgmailcom Meet Mouses husband in our secondever interview and hear Weens dish on Squiggy The Squirrel Nut Zippers and Bobs Burgers Please click some stars below and we will love you forever MouseAndWeens on Instagram and Twitter and Facebook

Episode 12 – Fluffy Humps

Birthday parties the worklife balance and Weens having kids Find out what boobs and Young Frankenstein have in common and hear the sisters epic snowboarding and shark stories Fear talk selfanalysis and a nice list of selfhelp books balance out the online dating talk and hot toots

Episode 11 – Parenting Fears, Weens Phone Sex, Car Accidents, and Wrap Parties

We discuss parenting fears with kids and sports video games and the internet Weens tells her babysitting phone sex and car accident stories John Philip Sousa scoots by with his French horn on a skateboard Why do girls need guys approval and the curse of being people pleasers We segue into rollercoasters pet guilt hating crating and animal rescue Mouse got a kitten Weens talks about the TV show wrap party Vegas gambling hitting the stage and facing her fears with her supple vag

Episode 10 – Weens on the Move, Mouse in the House

Mouse talks sock poops living in the bubble and other podcasts Weens dishes on past Trump runin news and relationship ghosting versus closure The sisters talk through their dads death dreams visitations mediums and neardeath experiences of course all peppered with some farts and an old lady yelling BM Find us on social media to see our hot abs Outro music Free Love by Weens

Episode 9 – Weens Goes a Courting

Enjoy the new intro We talk attack swans skaters feminism long boobs BMs dogs crotch sniffingChris Elliott Fred Armisen mom and dad bods Gordon Jump fingering Dudleyand married sex Weens has a new boy courting her and we read his texts tointerpret mixed signals and emojis She has to decide if shes a cougar how toshave whether shes just tickling his sac and she NEEDS ADVICE ABOUT WHAT HERNEXT MOVE WILL BE Tweet mouseandweens or write mouseandweensgmailcom to tell her This episodes along one but it was too funny to cut so settle in folks

Episode 8 – Disgruntled in Hollywood, stripping uncles, sick car habits, twink fingers

Weens is on the job and in a mood We talk about modeling stripping uncles in Gstrings get some closure on Weens dude hear secret car habits and discuss our love of waiting behind really slow people Learn about Mouses love life and wrap it all up with a twink finger bow

Episode 7 – Tonsil scrote, panic attacks, Adam Sandler, Weens dude update, Europe trip, Bag of Shame

Tonsil scrotes panic attacks LA life Adam Sandler Jesus Weens dude update Europe trip Wisconsin love David Bowie concert Sting tour bus Bag of Shame Last Man on Earth kids gardens nutrition eating disorders vegan vs meat Germany Weens on the road

Episode 6 – Drunk mouse, celebrity meetings, pubic wigs, James Franco, Aziz Ansari, #MeToo, The Dong Reaper

Mouse gets saucy Weens describes celebrity meetings on set James Franco talk merkin mouse stripteasing gone wrong The sisters recall New York trip to Conan OBrien show with George Wendt Limp Bizkit and Kid Rock Add in Lucky Changs drag show and the Dong Reaper on the subway and weve got a party Please excuse the peeing noises in the background Mouse was drunk

Episode 5 – Celebrity stalking, defining Barker, foot pit hate, moose knuckles

Weens confesses to stealing Mouses stuff We discuss odd celebrity crushes stalking 90s celebrities life dreams foot anti fetishes armpit disgust pheromones camel toes moose knuckles the real definition of a barker David Bowie and his musicians and more fun stuff