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Ratty New Year!

E99 – We’ve been Mousing and Weening since December 2017 so this marks our three year anniversary of the podcast! Thank you to everyone for supporting us and listening! We celebrate by talking all about the party that some Christmas rats threw in Julianne’s kitchen and futon and closet and lingerie drawer. We even get a pop-in interview (the sweetest ever!) with the pest control man who happens to interrupt our recording! All this hot rat talk naturally gets us onto the subject of men so we create some steamy Damon, DiCaprio, Martin and Banderas sandwiches. After some past Argentine boyfriend reminiscing, we jump back to reality and recap Christmas in Idaho. It was a great visit full of skeet shooting, holiday traditions, and Cowboy Denny bear poking. We segue into Juls’ story of an ex throwing her into a bear, and an injurious snowboarding photo adventure. And now that we’re back in California, we’re in quarantine and questioning bubbles. We are hearing about more and more people close to us catching covid, which is not a fun subject. Be careful everyone! Back to fun romantic memories of New Years and our goals for 2021. Ah, it’s fun to relive these Tahoe, New York, Times Square crowd stories. Remember crowds?! We close this with a shoutout song to all of the podcasts we’ve mentioned in past episodes. 

Song credits: “Shoutouts to Podpals 2020” by Julianne Eggold
Voice actor: Matt Thompson
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Fluffy Humps

E12 – Birthday parties, the work-life balance, and Weens having kids. Find out what boobs and Young Frankenstein have in common, and hear the sisters’ epic snowboarding and shark stories. Fear talk, self-analysis, and a nice list of self-help books balance out the online dating talk! www.MouseAndWeens.com