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She Podcasts Late

E124 – Coming in hot! It’s a sister fight over Mouse being late to record. But the schedule with family and the new job are hard to juggle, man! How do you feel about late people, rescheduling, and windows of time? Weigh in on how we plan to resolve it. Then hear about our trip to Scottsdale for the She Podcasts Live conference. Lots of takeaways – some predictable, some not so much! Weens also gives us an update on explains the IATSE strike in Hollywood and what it means for her job and for other cast and crew. And find out some favorite costumes and special effects on tv and movie productions that Julianne has worked on, plus haunting plans and what is this uprooting we speak of?

Intro voice Nate Bargatze (Balboa Theater, San Diego 10/22/21)
Intro theme song and outro song “My Man” by Julianne Eggold https://www.julianneeggold.com

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–Love These Mother Daughter Talks

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Mom the Type A Cowgirl

E41 – Mom’s in town and she’s busy! We hear about how she moved from Idaho to California for a few months, a dog and cat’s awkward first date, and projects she’s working on. She shares stories about a trick roper, seeing the hand of God, and Weens pulls some cow talk out of her. Then we get into Type A Personality talk. Are you Type A like Mouse and Mom? Do they like being this way? What is it like for Weens to be around them? We have 5 steps for you to balance out your Type-A-ness if you so dare. Take a listen and join the family!

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