Grandma’s Nuts

E90 – Mom’s in town so we sit down for some relationship questions, incriminating grandparent stories, hip and trendy celebrity impersonations, and hearty guffaws. Find out what nuts, tortoises, the Tucson desert, and bowls of blood have in common. Weens asks about regrets with our dad which spurs a story about dating Cowboy Denny. We question our tomboy qualities, learning about what mom fought for and what she let go of. And we finally reveal to her our secret ways of sneaking out of the house in high school, but are surprised by her response. There’s a fact check on coyote fatalities, we accidentally pitch a real-life horror movie idea about rattlesnakes in the ravine, and we close it out with a three-part harmony to our lord. You heard it here first!

Podcast Promo: I Shake My Head with Lisa and Sam

Song Credits:
“This World Is Not My Home” by Joyce Carter, Julianne Eggold, and Joelle Kohn
“Thank You Guitar” by Julianne Eggold.

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