Haiku Wieners

E89 – Our boot scootin cat starts us off with an exclamation mark as we get talking about Weens’ re-entry into the social media world. We find out if she is in fact The Rock’s number one super mega fan on Instagram and what the heck is the name of the guy who wrote Hamilton. Then we get to the meat of the episode and read everyone’s fun Haiku contest submissions, commenting on their back stories and finding out their entertainment industry connections. Put cotton in your ears and get the broom ready because we’re doing some shout-outs and name-dropping! You’ll learn all sorts of stories about us along the way including Mouse’s Australian love connection, Julianne’s Exorcist sleepwalking moves, and Joelle’s thoughts on armpits. This is collegiate stuff, so get out your binder paper and take notes!

Podcast Promo: Boobies and Noobies

Song Credit: “Facebook Stalker” by Julianne Eggold. Guitar by Ishan Cooper aka Coop DeVille.
Voice Actor: Matt Thompson

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