Fix My Life Sis!

E91 – What Would Weens Do? Parenting advice and more! Julianne has been staying with Joelle during quarantine and after a few weeks, has a new perspective on how her family operates. Knowing this, Mouse asks for advice to overhaul how the house runs and how she’s raising the kids. Julianne becomes a pseudo life coach and gives Joelle tips in 5 categories: food, kids and parenting, self, household, and relationships. As uncomfortable as it is for the little sister to tell the big sister what to do, the takeaways are very positive. This episode has so many great nuggets of wisdom that anyone listening will learn a thing or two they can implement to improve their life!
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Podcast Promo: Tamara Til the Break of Dawn
Song Credits: “Balzoo” by Julianne Eggold, guitar by Dan Mahony
Voice Actor: Matt Thompson

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