Love Life and Dating Q&A

E88 – Still stuck on the topic of online dating, Joelle talks Julianne into doing a funny Q & A to find out all about our love lives. First we catch up on 80’s tv, get advice from Alan Alda, and lament the air quality from the Northern California wildfires (stay safe Sunni, Brandi and Cori). Then we jump into online dating with optimistic Mouse and pessimistic Weens, and dissect what types of guys Weens likes. There’s a rather frightening interruption that throws us for a loop, so we pause and come back the next day. You’ll hear about married men, divorced men, and deal breakers when it comes to humor, taste in music, politics, and footwear. We even play a little fantasy threesome, FMK or Whoopee-Marry- Kill, and learn way too much about Tom Hardy and Don Johnson!

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Podcast Shoutouts to Book of Lies, That’s Not Proper, Paul Csomo of Varmints!, The Picture Show with Austin and Phil Rood, Sleep With Me Podcast, and Chris Fairbanks of Do You Need A Ride?
Song Credit: “Somebody Else’s Man” by Julianne Eggold
Voice Actor: Matt Thompson

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