Plucking, Online Dating, Dirty John and Feet

E87 – This is a fun one from under a blanket in LA! As we’re staring at kneecaps, we talk about shaving, tweezing and how it brings pleasure. Why? To find out, we fact-check plucking and trichotillomania and find out some interesting biology behind it. Then we recap a recent camping trip and have some amazing, simple advice for parents. Naturally, this leads us to talk about the Reels conspiracy theory and online dating. Weens is poking her hairless toe into the man pool and we talk all about Hinge and the fine folks popping up on the app. Then Julianne tells the story of her friend’s involvement with Dirty John. Holy crumb, no wonder she’s hesitant! Finally we get into feet, loafers, and Joelle’s ex-boyfriends who belong in them. It’s a funny episode that lets you peek inside the world of a couple of grown-up but not-so-grown-up sisters.

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Voice actor: Matt Thompson

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