Part 2 Alison Arngrim: Nellie Oleson of Little House on the Prairie

E86 – We’re back to finish our fun interview with Alison Arngrim, the wonderful Nellie Oleson actress, turned stand-up comedian and New York Times best-selling author. She talks about real-life ‘Little House on the Prairie’ mean girl moments, on-set rumors, what Michael Landon was like, her ringlet HAIR!, and why she thinks Little House child actors grew up to stay on the straight and narrow. We talk about how Alison is the David Hasselhoff of France and the hilarious reason why French cultural differences work in her favor. Joelle recounts stories when she pretended to be tomboy Laura, learned how to be blind like Mary, and even re-enacted the famous Nellie wheelchair scene, sans duck poop and radioactive waste of course! Alison answers some listener questions about her tv episodes and we learn the truth behind certain famous scenes. We also discuss the fact that The Rock might have a crush on her of sorts!

Alison is the queen of reinvention and hustle, and tells us about her Nasty Nellie tours of Hollywood and her online stand-up shows. She is also a survivor of childhood abuse and now is a powerful advocate at the National Association to Protect Children Hear her full story in her book, available on We talk about the anxiety during this stressful pandemic, but also the hopeful medical advances that are being made (llama vaccines?!), and how she copes by being a helper. She has found that daily readings of the ‘Little House’ books on her Facebook Live have helped her and her thousands of followers find comfort. Alison is such a positive force out there and we had a wonderful time learning her story, her causes, and getting to know her. Please follow her and do the same!

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