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Homecoming, Creative Juices, Intimate Laundry

E122 – We talk old movie humor, Elon Musk in a tiny house “Martian” style, and Mouse’s kids with their embarrassing homecoming story. Then it’s back! Guess that Weenie Tune! Learn this song’s real origin and collaboration with guitarist Ishan Cooper, aka Coop DeVille of “Bat Funk Crazy” and George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic fame. Afterwards we get into dream jobs, creative juices, and how to take Julianne’s psychology knowledge and combine it with her other filmmaking skills. Should we team up, bunk up, and make a documentary on the science of dreams? The topic of gratitude, boundaries, and teen responsibility comes up, namely teaching kids collegey life skills like laundry. This leads to secret sniffer talk and other intimates! On that note, should we add some water weenies to our merch? We think so! Write in to mouseandweens@gmail.com. Visit Weens music at https://JulianneEggold.com

Song Credits: Mouse and Weens theme music and “Ryan’s Crazy Lady” by Julianne Eggold feat. Ishan Coop DeVille Cooper.  jeggold@gmail.com
Voice Actor: Matt Thompson
Our Network: https://PodFixNetwork.com

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