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How To Say Hi

E129 – Errands are not the most fun part of adulting. But, rather than rushing through them, why not try to make it a special part of your day…or someone else’s! We share some awkward and silly examples of how getting groceries, running to the Post Office, or filling up at the gas station can bring a little joy to those often-dreaded errands. In this episode, we chat about some simple ways to liven up your to-do list while connecting with people along the way. Laughing is good for you! The researchers at Mayo Clinic say so.
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Things Are Getting Hairy

E77 – Well, Joelle’s well broke and we hear about the stress as she watches her property’s plants slowly die, a special kind of torture for a gardener! And Julianne catches us up on her frustrating hair moment and hasty Corona cut.  We segue into talking about HAIR during quarantine and the special problems we are all facing – roots, greys, colors and cuts! We interview our good friend Carla Reynolds, a local hairdresser with some thoughts, tips, and tricks during this do-it-yourself time. Should we use boxed color? Try new colors while at home? How can we deal with these roots growing out? How are hairdressers feeling about going back to work? Trimming  kids’ hair? After some more awful 90’s references (apparently we’re stuck), we pivot again into what is fondly called Culture Corner. We have two fun clips with Julianne’s friends: Matthew Stevens reads us a very hip poem of his, and Chris Osmundson gives us a book recommendation complete with character voices! Hear the grand finale song as Julianne sings us out with “The Magic Store” that you may remember from The Muppet Movie.

Thank you all for listening and we hope you will consider supporting Meals on Wheels, providing food and well-checks for seniors in need.

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Song Credit: “The Magic Store” cover by Julianne Eggold and Joelle Reluctant Kohn

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