Cabo Mexico Vacation

E111 – Come escape to Baja California Mexico with us! Traveling with the family, Joelle recounts her recent Spring Break week in Cabo. She has some tips for parents who want to travel with kids, especially teens, and talks about timeshares Vidanta and Cabo Azul. Mouse recounts the things to do while vacationing in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, especially the fishing and Flora Farms adventures! There are deep questions that Mouse has for listeners too, such as when going on a resort vacation do you take the hotel shampoo or leave it there? What is your sex life like during a family trip? How angry do you get at flight changes? And do you think our kids sound like spoiled brats?! We also talk about traveling during coronavirus times, needing to take a Covid test to get on a flight, and generally getting back to real life now that everyone is getting vaccinated. How much is worrying about the virus, and how much is anxiety transitioning back to being busy, especially in crowded LA? Can Weens just stay forever in her virtual college homeschool cave?! Listen for a Sixteen Candles trivia question, and weigh in on whether you’d be interested in a Beastie Boys whale watching cruise!

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