Muppets, Gilman, Green Day, East Bay Punk, Tattoos

E95 – After a little quarantine talk, we do some happiness exercises and get right into some fun filmmaking memories. Julianne worked on “The Muppet Movie” and recalls a day shooting with Chris Cooper, stunt explosions and injuries, and what Brian Henson had to say about his dad Jim Henson. Another sweet man we discuss is Chris Martin from Coldplay. Is Joelle horny or just nostalgic for live music and happier times? We’ll go with the latter as we segue into nostalgia talk about 924 Gilman St., the co-op music club from our Bay Area youth. Julianne reconnected with friends from these days, and we both watched the documentary “Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk” to see her friend Sean’s role. She talks about his connection to Green Day, and adds a hilarious story about Lint (aka Tim Armstrong) and Lars, the guys from Operation Ivy and Rancid. Why was Julianne fascinated by these types of people? She connected with guys who were interesting and wild, a lot like her friend Puck from “The Real World San Francisco”. We hear a funny story about him and our dad in the San Ramon Christmas tree farm, and then remember a story about the East Area Rapist (Golden State Killer) in that same farm, and a Richard Ramirez (Night Stalker) serial killer rental-house connection. We get back into talking about the psychology and angst behind punk music, and the judgements that go along with the music, the hair, and even the tattoos. It quickly turns into a parenting discussion about tattooing, morals, and shame. We battle out who was the worst teen and when a parent needs to draw the line vs when to compromise with your kids when they go down this path. Where do YOU fall on the punk to square scale?!

Song Credits- “Be Geep” by Julianne Eggold
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