Going Crazy, Near Death, Comedy & Celebrities

E82 – Anyone else going nuts? Julianne talks about the film industry shutdown and then Joelle tells a wild, near death story that happened to her and the kids, all started by being stuck at home and going sort of crazy. Ok, maybe that’s being dramatic. But Weens gets into real Near Death Experiences and talks of speaker and author Nancy Rynes who died twice and came back to talk about it. NDE’s are fascinating and people can learn great lessons from them. Hey, what’s keeping us busy? Summer camp, distant get togethers, planning a documentary!, and lots of comedy, including talk of actress and comic Martha Kelly from Baskets and an awkward family Don’t Mess With the Zohan moment! Parenting is stressful, but Mouse is trying to teach kids important lessons like black lives matter, especially in a city that is dealing with racism. What can you do as a parent to help when everyone is locked down and you feel helpless about activism? Get people to vote with PostcardsToVoters.org! We do lots of name-dropping throughout this episode especially in our ‘Celebrity Stories That Go Nowhere’ segment, so listen for Adam Sandler, Carol Channing, Woody Allen, George Wendt, Will Ferrell, Kid Rock, Gabriel Byrne, Michael Landon, Nellie Oleson, Alison Arngrim, Joe and Kevin Jonas, Anita Moorjani, Ethel Merman, Katherine Hepburn, and Zach Galifinakis mentions. We just can’t help ourselves!
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